28 September 2008

On the lighter side of vandalism...

If only people spent their time doing things like this to signs, rather than replacing metric measurements to useless imperial ones, life would be so much funnier!

16 September 2008

Some Signs...

While Cycling the other day, i noticed three types of signs along the path...

First, a vandalised sign which originally showed metric units but was 'converted' by some backward-looking vigilante!

Secondly, a confused sign, .. obviously confused by the influence of the vandals... (note the use of kilometres on the other two fingerposts, while idiotic yards on the central one)

Thirdly, a useful and sensible sign! (and yes, the"m" doesmean metres)

07 September 2008

Metric speed signs.

Just a sample of what a metric speed sign might look like in the UK...
Designed it myself using the standard font used on British Road signs. (Traffic medium for the inquiring minds)
80 km/h = 50mph exactly
Won't this look so nice on a road?.. or generally km/h signs?
80 km/h seems so much faster than 50 mph!
And it would be understood by far more people.
The government simply needs to realise this!