27 December 2008

The Pint...

If were to complete our metrication process, one issue would be replacing the pint.

A pint is 568ml

Now, replacing the pint with a half-litre is a sensible option, since most individual consumer drinks are in half-litres. However that would mean that 68ml of drink is lost. It s debateable whether pubs will lower prices accordingly, therefore as a suggestion to replacing the pint with a suitable measure, maybe 550ml ? or 570ml?

55o is more rounded, but 570 is basically exactly what you'd get anyway (since you really never get an exact pint at a pub)

The word "pint" need not be abolished, however metric "pint" glasses should not feature the word pint, but rather "57cl/570ml" possibly with the crown (as a heritage feature, if so desired)

03 November 2008


On a circular, analogue dial, it's always more sensible to have smaller units (larger numbers) on the outside (km/h) and larger units (smaller numbers) on the inside (mph) as is done in most British Lorries and coaches, but for some odd reason not in cars..

If you look at this speedometer with dominant km/h and mph (km/h on the outside) you'll realise that it's quite easy to read both values.

However as most British car speedometers are now, with mph on the outside and km/h on the inside, it makes it extremely difficult to read the km/h value, since they are crammed into a very tight space.
However, km/h only speedometers are, by far easiest to read because they're nice and 'clean' no clutter or any of that... but they're very uncommon in the UK, since we use the mph as a measure of speed. I believe cars with a km/h only speedometer don't pass their M.O.T...

04 October 2008

A better looking speed sign.

I think this is a bit more proportionate than the one that was previously posted.


28 September 2008

On the lighter side of vandalism...

If only people spent their time doing things like this to signs, rather than replacing metric measurements to useless imperial ones, life would be so much funnier!

16 September 2008

Some Signs...

While Cycling the other day, i noticed three types of signs along the path...

First, a vandalised sign which originally showed metric units but was 'converted' by some backward-looking vigilante!

Secondly, a confused sign, .. obviously confused by the influence of the vandals... (note the use of kilometres on the other two fingerposts, while idiotic yards on the central one)

Thirdly, a useful and sensible sign! (and yes, the"m" doesmean metres)

07 September 2008

Metric speed signs.

Just a sample of what a metric speed sign might look like in the UK...
Designed it myself using the standard font used on British Road signs. (Traffic medium for the inquiring minds)
80 km/h = 50mph exactly
Won't this look so nice on a road?.. or generally km/h signs?
80 km/h seems so much faster than 50 mph!
And it would be understood by far more people.
The government simply needs to realise this!

25 August 2008

Metric System was Invented here in Britain!

That's Right. The Metric system was invented in the UK by John Wilkins in 1668.

A hundred and twenty (120) years before the French adopted the system.

He detailed a system which would have units based on internationally agreed universal measurements, and based on decimal numbers (10, 100...etc).

This means that, realistically the anti-metric campaaigners have no grounds whatsoever to resist the metric system... They say the metric system is "foreign" .. but in fact, the Roman Imperial System is what's foreign.

It's a shame we didn't adopt the metric system back then!

Here's a link showing the article on the BBC.


22 August 2008

Just a little note..

The UK has one of the SLOWEST national speed limit in Europe!

UK- 112 km/h (70 mph)
Most of Europe.. 120 km/h or 130 km/h

If we switched over to km/h, then we'd get the 120 km/h speed limits too!
The motorways were designed to metric standards, and for these speeds... so why not?

19 August 2008

Even more crime from "The Vandals"

A perfectly useful AND LEGAL sign that gave heights in both metres and feet, at Grove Green Road, Leytonstone was defaced by the vandals.
4.2 metres is much easier to understand for the than 13ft 9 ins... now, thanks to the idiots, who defaced the sign.. the more intelligent of us are going to be left with an absolutely useless sign.

18 August 2008

The Vandals strike!

By "The Vandals" i'm referring to the anti-metric campaigners, whether they are the "ARM" (active resistance to mertrication) or the "BWMA"

They deface our signs and try to force the intelligent Britons into an outdated and simply awkward metric system.

I've been out with my camera and here's some of the CRIMINAL DAMAGE that they have done.

Sign was on PRIVATE LAND, therefore within the Law, it is allowed state 200 metres, and rightfully it did... but the Vandals... the Antichrist of progress, plated over the "metres" with inferior and inaccurate units (yards).. this should be punished by Islington Council! someone should remove the plates and expose the true units!

17 August 2008


This blog is to raise awareness that in Britain, we need to more widely adopt the Metric System of Measurements.

The UK has been metric since the 60's, yet it is still illegal to post metric signs on the roads.. why?

What can we do to solve the metric crisis in our nation?

We need to stand up to the Government and put down the retards who resist metrication!