27 December 2008

The Pint...

If were to complete our metrication process, one issue would be replacing the pint.

A pint is 568ml

Now, replacing the pint with a half-litre is a sensible option, since most individual consumer drinks are in half-litres. However that would mean that 68ml of drink is lost. It s debateable whether pubs will lower prices accordingly, therefore as a suggestion to replacing the pint with a suitable measure, maybe 550ml ? or 570ml?

55o is more rounded, but 570 is basically exactly what you'd get anyway (since you really never get an exact pint at a pub)

The word "pint" need not be abolished, however metric "pint" glasses should not feature the word pint, but rather "57cl/570ml" possibly with the crown (as a heritage feature, if so desired)