11 March 2009

the stupidity of the AA

I've just read the article that the AA published about their little "survey" on whether the British population prefer miles and rubbish versus kilometres and sense, and i noticed the fact that whoever wrote that article is a blithering idiot.

First sample from their article:
"Distances in kms rather than miles" - all sensible people should know by now that you never write kms. what crap is that? km! full stop... but it gets worse...

Sample # 2
"Speed limits in Kph rather than Mph" - Kph? Are you telling me that the Automobile Association are that incompetent that they don't know how to properly write kilometres per hour... km/h? [nobody cares how miles/h mph Mph M.P.H... or whatever you want to put is written]

But this one is the KILLER!

"Fuel consumption in Km/100litres"- the minor thing wrong with this is that it's km not Km obviously.. but I'm appauled bu the fact that the AA are saying that metric fuel consumption is measured in km/100L... This is a new level of stupid! We all know it's L/100km, so what the hell are the AA on about? I mean common sense... who's going to put 100L of petrol in their car in the first place?

How could the AA be so horribly wrong?
The imperial "system" really does make people stupid...

You can read the aricle here!

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