29 May 2009

Fuel consumption/ fuel effinciency

Miles per gallon, it's the "standard measure" of fuel consumption in the UK although the kilometre is much more widely used than the gallon. (making a metric measure more sensible!)

But I don't care about miles per gallon...


in civilised terms, fuel consumption is measured in litres per 100 kilometres. (L/100km)

is this really practical?

Most British car adverts show fuel consumption in L/100km (unfortunately most times in brackets and in small print).

but why not kilometres per litre? (km/L)

personally, I think km/L is simpler to get to grips with, and more practical because you know that you'll drive y km using x L of petrol at a given fuel consumption.
(y/x km/L). eg. 6 km on 2 litres of petrol at 3km/L!

using L/100km is not as practical!

so why make life more difficult?

sure many people would rather switch to km/L rather than L/100km!

why not use km/L ?
...they do in Latin America and Japan!


Avoura said...

I agree with completely. Kilometres per litre it should be.
Although anything is better than the stupid miles per gallon. Gallons are not even legal any more in the UK. If it was in miles per litre that would be a step in the right direction, and then it is easier to then go to km per litre.

Neil Herron said...

Metric Martyrs uninformed idiots ... hmmmm!

Pretty much the whole or at least 9.5 tenths of the public onside.

Be brave and stand by the statement and publish your name and justify your comments. Bet Mrs Thoburn would be none too pleased.

Neil Herron

Mr. Osborne said...

Thanks for agreeing!
'll have to disagree with the use of miles per litre, simply because it'll just make people more clingy to the mile...

Mr. Osborne said...

To Neil Herron,

It's my blog, and I shall refer to whoever I want as I want.

9.5 tenths is ninety-five percent 95% ... and guess what, it's more like 70 % of people of Britain prefer the imperial system to metric, and the majority of those pepole couldn't care less if Britain had a full changeover.

Moreover, the metric system is more British than the imperial. I have my evidence in this same blog.


Anonymous said...

Dear Neil Herron,

I personally disagree with your 95% figure - it seems like an opinion rather than anything based in evidence.

As stated by Mr. Osborne, most people don't mind using metric units, but inevitably a few are resistant to change. Australia, India, Ireland, New Zealand and South Africa have all successfully changed to the metric system. It's much easier to work with and truly an international standard.