23 May 2009

Sorry for the lack of posting...

I had my heart set on going out and getting some shots of signs vandalised by the imperial-loving idiots, but unfortunately, my bike has been stolen. In light of this I bought a new one, and that was also stolen. So that has put a damper on me going around trying to get shots.
In the mean time i'll just moan about the notation of km/h again..

I was reading through one of my textbooks today and there was a question stating:
"suppose an advertisement for a new model of car states that it does an average of 12 kilometres per litre (kpl)at a speed of 80kph..."

You'd think that a university text book author at least would have the intellect to get it right?

Kilometres per litre, although not the most widely accepted metric form of measuring fuel consumptution (the more common one is L/100km) is a correct and accepted form, however why kpl?
quite clearly km/l (or km/L) clearly!

and again this kph rubbish... it's km/h for crying out loud!

maybe getting rid of rubbish like miles per gallon and miles per hour would help the situation?

speaking of which, who uses the gallon anyway?

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