21 September 2009

km/h speed limits in LONDON!

In my travels around the United Kingdom, I've seen many progressive metric signs, such as metric-only width & height restrictions, metric fingerposts and the like. However, today, whilst walking down "Millionaire's lane" I saw the light... the use of km/h speed limits here in London.

One may think of this as being too good to be true if you're a metrichead, and indeed there are some flaws:

1. The km/h speed limit is not a 'regular' number; (24 km/h rather than 25 km/h)
2. The km/h sign is not stand-alone. It is below a sign stating the speed limit in MPH (15 MPH)
3. The km/h speed sign shows uses the horrible kph abbreviation, rather than the the standardised symbol (km/h)

With that being said, we have to admit, that this is still good. People are recognising that we can not remain in the dark ages of miles and yards.

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