28 February 2013

Metric Finger Posts

The people on the other side of the metric spectrum have had a tendency to deface metric signs and replace them with archaic measures (miles and yards and all that rubbish)

I've already posted about this in Lee Valley. However, I've found somewhere where signs (exclusively) in metric units exist that has not been struck by the antichrist.

This is in Maritime Greenwich. Whilst knots and nautical miles may be preferred for ships, ( I have my personal opinion on this ) finger posts in the area— well known for its nautical history— seem to prefer the usage of metres to archaic yards.

Quite frankly, the majority of people alive in Great Britain understand a yard as a metre and have been educated in the metric system, so it seems a joke that maths classes feature almost exclusively the use of metres and km/h but we're stuck with miles per hour and yards in street signs and finger posts.

It's quite clear that none of the political parties has any intentions of changing this, but maybe the UKMA should get more involved and lobby parties for change – possibly with the backing of scientists and leaders in the business and trade sectors.

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