09 April 2013

Metric Directional Sign at Putney Station (imperial finger post outside)

There is one thing that I like to do when I get bored. This is usually get on a bus or train and venture to some far-flung place.

My most recent adventure only took me as far as the opposite side of London, but I came upon a discovery that would please the few readers of this blog that are out there. A directional sign at Putney Station, which used metric units. (See photo)

The sign was directing commuters to East Putney underground station, which it mentioned as "1 kilometre" away. Besides the fact that it would have been preferable to use the international standard symbol (km) rather than the whole word, it was still refreshing to see.

My feeling of excitement subsided immediately after leaving the station. Right outside the door, there was a large finger post stating that east Putney was 2/3 mile away.

This is yet another classic example of the British metric muddle.

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