15 December 2009

The inconsistency of the BBC, but an improvement nontheless!

A few months ago, the BBC would feature wind speeds in miles per hour only... recently, they have included a tap that allows you to toggle between miles per hour and km/h (as well as degrees C and degrees F [absolute rubbish in my opinion])

What was strikng when they first put the tabs up is the way they mentioned km/h as KPH in the tab, annd weather reports and forcasts.

As you know, at the moment it's an icebox in London, so I went on the BBC to check the weather... I discovered that now, in weather reports, wind speed is written km/h, rather than the ghastly KPH thing, however the button that one uses to toggle inbetween ... is still the same (see image below).

Thank God for small mercies... hopefully in future, they'll do away with mph and Fahrenheit...does anyone actually USE fahrenheit anyway?

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